Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Testimony: Margaret Coughlan

The following testimony was read by Margaret Coughlan, a tenant in Staten Island who, like many others, has an oppressive rent burden but is just barely disqualified for SCRIE:
My name is Margaret Coughlan. I have lived in the same rent-stabilized apartment in Staten Island for 30 years. Since I retired 4 years ago, any rent increase is of much greater concern to me than while I was working. 
I do not qualify for SCRIE.  My income is my pension and Social Security. After health insurance and taxes, my rent is 48% of my income. While I can manage, I realize that there are many New Yorkers with less income and higher rents. 
While any rent increase is of concern to me, I know that the same increase would be felt even more keenly by those less fortunate.
Thank you.

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